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employee permits

2022/23 employee permit highlights


Employee parking permits are available to Stowe Mountain Resort and Lodge at Spruce Peak team members. To get your employee parking permit, simply follow these steps:

  •  Park Stowe will verify your employment with Stowe Mountain Resort and Lodge at Spruce Peak.

  • Once your employee number is verified, your digital permit will be active.

  • Employee parking permits are valid in lots D1 and D2. CLICK HERE for parking map.

    • If it is your day off work, you may park in any lot.​

  • If you have multiple vehicles, please complete an application for each vehicle. Multiple vehicles on a single application will automatically void the application.

  • Only one vehicle associated with an employee permit can be utilized at a time. 


  • Permits are valid daily during ski season only.

  • If you receive a violation before your permit is valid, please contact your manager.

  • No overnight parking.

An employee permit entitles the bearer to park on a first-come first-serve basis in designated areas. They do NOT permit overnight parking from 2am-6am.  Purchaser must show proof of employment when applying.

We're happy to help! Please contact the Park Stowe team if you have any questions.


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